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Your Kids . . . According to Zodiac Signs It would be great if, along with the pillow-sized maxi pads, enormous mesh undies, and teeny-tiny nappies, someone would tuck a how-to manual inside our hospital bags when we take our new babies home. I don't mean a generalised manifesto of "this is a baby and here's how you keep it alive" — I mean a guide specifically geared toward the particular model we're tasked with parenting. But let's face it: coffeemakers come with more detailed instructions than babies do. When it comes to raising our kids, it's a guessing game, and their personalities are a huge factor in how easy it'll be. We must navigate through life anticipating their reactions to certain scenarios, and they're all different; one kid is clinging to our legs when we try to drop him off at day care, and the next one is trying to unbuckle herself and get out before the car even stops moving. But there is a way we can be at least a little bit clued-in to our kids' innate personalities, the things that make them tick (and the things that make them ticked-off): we can look at their zodiac signs. By knowing a little bit about the classic characteristics of our offspring's ruling sign, we can gain some insight into what drives them.

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