An Essential Analysis Of Level-headed Secrets In What Zodiac Are Aries Attracted To?

Leo might love to parade their relationship purely for the ego boost, because they're known to be egotistical and competitive. "Their ego can be their worst enemy," Mesa says. "Similar to Aries, there can be struggles within relationships." Virgo (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22): Being Overly Critical, Being Too Controlling, Getting Lost In The Details, Being A Perfectionist Virgo's biggest flaw is that they're super critical and can make their partners feel like they're not good enough, even if they're *actually* happy in the relationship. "Virgo is way too critical," Martin says. "Plain and simple, just stop applying your perfectionist view of everything onto everyone." It's totally unrealistic to expect your partner to never mess up, and it puts a serious strain on the relationship. Virgo's need to have everything perfect can also mean they a tendency to be controlling — they hate the idea of someone else taking the wheel and potentially messing things up. "Like their fellow Mercurial Gemini, Virgo can easily get lost in the details and struggle with obsessive compulsive disorders," Mesa says.

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