Basic Guidance On Finding Core Criteria For What Is Leo Zodiac Sign In Chinese?

"There won't be any sort of upsets between them because they will know what they're doing every moment of the day for the whole vacation, and will be on time so they won't miss any planes, trains, or bookings." She said Virgos and Geminis could also work well as travel mates because they are both very intellectual, and would enjoy doing a lot of the same activities. Angel matched Scorpios and Pisces together as ideal travel mates because they are interested in a lot of the same things. She said, "Although Scorpios tend to be more dominant, the Water signs work well with it." Scorpio is a Fixed sign (associated with being stubborn), and Pisces is a Mutable sign (associated with being more flexible), so even though Scorpios tend to take control, Angel said that they shouldn't get into any conflicts over it. Angel said a Scorpio could also travel well with another Scorpio, because "If they are in tune, there is nothing they can't achieve together." Angel said Capricorns and Virgos are like "two peas in a pod" when it comes to traveling because they are both very organized signs. "If a Virgo is traveling with someone who is not going to keep to their schedule, it's going to drive them nuts, so those two are perfect together," Angel said. She also mentioned that Capricorns and Pisces would be good fit for travel. "Pisces help to lighten Capricorn's energy, and Capricorns help keep Pisces grounded. Capricorns can get a little serious, so when on vacation the Pisces helps them get away from business," Angel said. Aquarius and Libra would be ideal travel mates. "Aquariuses and Libras are good together because they are both Air signs, so they are both very intellectual," Angel said. She also said they are good together because the Libra can help bring the Aquarius out of their shell.

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