Examining The Facts For Logical Aries Zodiac May 2015? Plans

This could be a loss that you experienced within yourself. Listen to your heart and follow your dreams. Your heart chakra and third eye open to you. Listen for signals of peace as signs that you are on the right path especially when being there for others. Virgo's weekly theme song: Unwritten — Natasha Bedingfield Libra, this week it's all about making wise decisions. There might be a little bit of jealous or comparing yourself to others, or maybe someone is trying to be like you, and it's caused some problems. This could be a situation where a person keeps borrowing your things and not returning that item, but the territorial side of you comes through. Use intuition and instinct to guide you on how to handle this person. You will realize that changing things up a little bit helps to get rid of the problem. Libra's weekly theme song: Lovely Day — Bill Withers Scorpio, a learning experience is here for you and it's a lesson on giving. To grow, sometimes you have to make room for things in your life.

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