Obtaining Guidance In Important Issues For What Does Cancer Zodiac?

To add to that, she has a loner’s streak in her and owns it unapologetically, like Virgos. Libra women can charm the pants off anyone, even playboys like the one Ranbir plays in this film. Deepika’s character Gayatri, therefore is a lot like her. Not just a pretty girl, she is self-sufficient and unafraid to take on a “man’s” job. This hidden mettle is what makes her appealing to everyone.  Scorpio women will love you to hell and back, so obsessive and passionate are they once they’ve set their sight on someone. Mastani, who is martyred for her love for Bajirao, is that woman. Even if the neighbours judge, even if you have nothing going for you as a couple, a Scorpio woman will love you for the passion you inspire in her.  Sagittarius: Serena from xXx Return Of Xander Cage A sporty, fierce, badass, Deepika’s character in her first international film has all the trappings of a Sagittarian. Serena starts out on the wrong side, but has too much conscience to remain there, like any honest Sag. Eventually, they use their skills for helping the good side win.  Capricorns are great at networking and are socially well-known, much like Deepika’s character in Cocktail. Not only that, they are enterprising individuals who do well professionally, just like Veronica. Things only go south when they are forced to change themselves and be someone they are not because of a man, which is what happened in Veronica’s case.

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