Selecting Central Elements For Do Aries And Zodiac Get Along?

GEMINI - Areas of attention: lungs, shoulders, arms, hands The high energy of a Taurus keeps the shoulders, arms, and hands running. You are also prone to allergies and the common cold. Communication is your forte but it can become a problem if all the energy leads to anxiety disorders, insomnia or mental health issues. Geminis might also go through fatigue and laziness.  CANCER - Areas of attention: breasts, chest, stomach The water sign cancer is very attuned to his/her emotions. Although this fixation can cause anxiety and depression. As you like binging on food to drown emotions which can lead to weight issues and digestion problems.  LEO - Areas of attention: heart, back, spine, blood The fire sign Leo is always on the go. They don't know how to slow down. Their fast metabolism can lead to heart problems and blocked arteries due to bad eating habits and rushing through meals.  VIRGO - Areas of attention: abdomen, intestines The logical sign Virgo tends to overthink everything and is also prone to eating disorders and IBS from all the stress and poor self-esteem. Yoga and meditation can be very good for you.

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