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The electricity now seems to be divine lightning, an attack worthy of Zeus that, when fired onto Diana’s one of a kind shield, is redirected forward at any who stand in her way. The exact function and nature of Diana’s energy absorption/attacks has been vague to this point, so hopefully by the time Justice League comes around, this is the easiest answer. How does Wonder Woman launch attacks? “She’s Zeus’s daughter, so she can channel divine lightning like him.” It would be something generally new to the character – at least in this form – but important in leveling the playing field. After all, the new trailer also shows Aquaman with the power of a god , using his Atlantean trident to stop a rushing wall of water in its path. It may be too much to hope that the male of this pair of ancient hybrids would be relied upon for defense, while his sister handles the devastating attacks. Yet for Wonder Woman fans who love wordplay and metaphor, there’s nothing better than Zeus granting a gift to his daughters capable of killing War itself in their distant future. That gift is neither a god like those who destroyed themselves, nor a man like those Ares turned to cruelty. Instead, it’s the result of love between the God of the gods… and Woman.

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