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Before this red flag turns out to be worse than you thought, try to talk to your boo about his behavior. Of course, if he’s pretty infatuated with you, this talk isn’t going to have much effect on him. It’s when you start feeling smothered even when you’re away from your S.O. that you know to step away from the relationship. Communication is key in all of your relationships, Gemini; romantic or platonic. And if you aren’t constantly texting, calling, and talking to your bae, then you know something is up. Of course, no one runs their mouth as much as you do, so you try to give him the benefit of the doubt. But even you know when your partner is being less than chatty with you. And if that isn’t concerning enough, the fact that he won’t talk with you about anything – let alone his day at work – is enough to make you question everything.

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