Where To Go For Deciding On Crucial Factors Of What Is Aries Zodiac Symbol?

That's why Mercury going retrograde can mess all kinds of communication up. Virgos are typically dedicated, hardworking, witty, and practical. On the other hand, they can also be preachy, uptight, and very critical. "Virgos have a tendency to take on people as their 'little projects,'" Vitale says. "They believe they can change their friends and their partners, but it rarely works." Toxic friendships can make you feel like being yourself is not good enough. So Virgos, it may be worth it to ease up on your friends and work on accepting them for the way they are. While these four signs may be the most likely ones to have toxic friendships, they're certainly not the only ones. My sun sign is in Taurus, which typically means I'm earthy, grounded, slow and steady, a tad bit materialistic, and really, really stubborn. But for some odd reason, I've always attracted friendships with Geminis. With Gems, it can sometimes feel like they're one person one day and another the next.

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